• Ekphrasis May 2018
  • April 19th, 2018
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A Photo Art Exhibition and Performance


ARTWORK  by  Janne Reuss,  Interior Spaces  2

POEM by Mavis Himes


Interior (adj.)   –  15th c. Internal part, inside.

(noun) – 18th c. Part of a country away from the coast.


Dust and heat accompany us on the winding road as we leave behind the whitewashed houses and coastal waters and make our way inland. Potholes dot the road making driving an exercise in patience.  With a concluding lurch, we finally arrive and scurry from the parking lot towards the stone church at the top of the hill. Then settled in our seats, we each take a deep breath and try to relax.

The music begins with the languid tones of the violins, capturing the intensity of summer heat and mimicking the experience of our afternoon in the sun. Vivaldi’s rhythms ebb and flow. I allow my eyes to close and my mind to drift. Images of nymphs and fauns, shepherd boys and satyrs crowd my vision. But as the music gains momentum with the urgency of the strings, a brooding storm threatens the peaceful bliss of the landscape. A frenzied tableau of images invades my reverie.  Sea monsters and ox-horned centaurs, gorgons and sorceresses crowd my vision. I am caught, captured and bound. I am about to be tossed out to sea. I search the horizon for a rescuer, for relief.

I open my eyes. Illumination is refracted through the stained glass windows of the church. A shaft of blue crisscrosses my arm; I am safe.


Mavis Himes

Ekphrasis May 2018

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