• Artist Statement
  • Dezember 12th, 2011
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Janne Reuss is a professional exhibiting artist since 1994, with regular exhibitions in Mexico City, Germany, U.S.A, and Toronto. Her artwork is held in Private, as well as Public Collections: The Donovan Art Collection at St. Michael’s College, Toronto, Canada, (2013) and the Municipal Gallery Ostfildern, Germany, (2008).

The work of Janne Reuss  is contemplative and introverted, but under the subtle layers she comments on deeper human and cultural conditions: the struggle between freedom and confinement, in a world imprinted by immigration.

Windows and female figures have been a recurring element in Janne’s work. She is inspired by the symbolic content of veils, shawls, and drapes: The poetic beauty of this pure feminine object on one hand, but the multi-layered, culturally permeated and often paradoxical function on the other hand. Drapes and veils can function as a boundary… they can embrace or protect, but also divide.

Reuss’s Photomontages are handmade and then printed as Photographs.